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I love the pictures that the students are posting -- If I had to make a blogpost on this topic, here are the ones that I would include: a series on the Red Fountain.The Red Fountain is located outside of Green Library, the largest library on campus -- and not only is it a unique landmark, but it also is a central stop in the Stanford practice of "fountain hopping".Beyond that, I've found myself less interested in some of my main hobbies.

Movable Type is a large application with a lot of files.The BBC has revealed that breathtaking Planet Earth II footage that appeared to show a wild golden eagle's view of a mountainous habitat was actually filmed using a captive bird that lives in a wildlife sanctuary in France.In the second hour-long episode on Sunday, the predator, which boasts a seven-foot wingspan, was seen dive-bombing through the mountains to feed on the corpse of a red fox; footage viewers said left them 'lost for words.' Bird's eye view..stunning footage gained in Sunday night's episode of Planet Earth II used a trained bird named Slovak, from a wildlife sanctury in France, and a professional eagle trainer who helped attach a 'lipstick' camera to its back A former cameraman for the first series of the nature documentary, which aired in 2006, revealed that footage was 'faked' for dramatic effect and even admitted scenes showing a polar bear giving birth had actually taken place in a zoo.'You can't see it, but he has a small harness all around his body, very well adapted to his body.We've fixed a small camera, a very light one, and the shape is perfect."Sport" mode also does something else, though: it opens some valves to make the car's muffler less effective, so the car is noisier . When a pack of Harley riders drives by with their brapping V-Twin engines, it doesn't sound macho and cool to me: it sounds like they're all drastically amplifying their farts. I'd love the chance to drive a Ferrari or an Aston Martin or a similar rocket—though I'd probably need some lessons, since I've never owned a vehicle that powerful or potentially dangerous.

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