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Studio 20, as it’s known, features a variety of bedroom sets where camming models banter with web surfers online and entice them to enter private sessions where models will undress, act out fantasies, or follow explicit instructions … Once viewed as a small niche in the world of adult entertainment, camming today has become “the engine of the porn industry,” according to Alec Helmy, the publisher of Xbiz, a sex-trade industry journal.As people spend more and more time alone with their computers and handheld devices, Frunzetti is betting the trend won’t slow down anytime soon.Given how aggressively studios advertise to get cam models to work for them - it may help to have one thread on SW on how to sign up for "mega sites" directly.Mega sites tend to have high traffic, high model turnover and low payout percentages for the model...They thrive on cam girls not knowing how to sign up for sites directly. Signing up for the site directly means you: won't be obligated to work a set schedule, you will earn a higher percentage per minute, you won't be forced or expected to work exclusively with one company, you won't get emails or tweets harassing you to work more, you control what sites you appear on, you can freely close and open accounts on sites, and more.Search around on adult online business forums (blackhatworld, ynot, gfy, etc) - studio owners talk and teach other about how to keep camgirls uninformed, how to deal with models not logging in or filling out applications, how to hide their real earnings from them, and how to coerce cammodels into staying with them. Basically you will work independently and earn a higher payout percentage than if you join a studio.

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Lack of objectivity of some the members, close mindedness etc... *Advertised to pay a "nice girl" 00/night, no sex involved....????

All his models are adults and he clearly as no intentions of engaging in any form of prostitution or any other type of illegal activity.

I read a few weeks ago of the events in Santiago, where a similar business was raided and ask him to hold off on is plans until I investigated further. Guzman or any one on this forum share there opinions on this matter. My opinion is that anything that upsets tourists or the church is illegal.

I can't understand why if someone can't bring nothing to the discussion , why not simply stay out of it and move on to the next topic! You can always ask the lieutantant who "extorted" 7 figures from you for help in avoiding any trouble. Do a search of iluvdr threads and see: Supposedly you: *Wanted to open a strip club...???

The question: Is this type of business legal or illegal in The DR?

Deciding just get shower with a towel and rubbed her clit hard and fast for such motley crew of friends with a lot disdain.

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