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After a dozen boring conversations and one good date that went nowhere I was about to call it quits, plus the constant notifications at all hours of the night were not sitting well with me.

Then an ordinary boy sent me a message, but unlike all the others our conversation was anything but ordinary.

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I did something completely new to me, I tried online dating for the first time in my life.

I use crosswalks, read direction manuals and always make sure to follow the guidelines on every assignment.

I can, however, tell you what I believe my own parents did well. Here are my thoughts on the matter in no particular order: The moral of my story is this: be a safe place for your girls, value and champion marriage, and love her the way you want her to be loved by her husband someday.

Dating feels about as close as, I don’t know, a free trip to Italy. I honest to goodness believe all of you more seasoned mama’s when you tell me, but at the moment I have given hardly a thought to my girls walking out the door on the arm of a boy. When it comes down to it, we are best friends, and we are entirely committed to our relationship. How did we survive high school dating, not have sex before marriage, and end up having a reasonably healthy marriage?

He is still my man, and he still takes my breath away – not everyday – but it happens.

And when we were twenty-one, we walked down the aisle and said, “Yes,” to forever.

For most of my teenage years, I didn’t need people and I didn’t need love.

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