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If you've moved out of the country to Canada and arnt planning on coming back what are they going to do if you just don't pay? Something definitely wrong; there's just no way you can be using an additional 50€ a months worth of water, on top of what you were originally paying. German Chancellor Angela Merkel unveiled an ambitious plan to achieve full employment as part of her hotly favoured bid to win a fourth term in September elections, hitting back at criticism she was simply content to rest on her laurels.

One year on from Britain's vote to leave the European Union, determined lobbying and political leverage have helped German financial capital Frankfurt grab pole position in the race for bank business quitting London.

The country's telecom regulator is the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

However, it does not regulate most aspects of mobile phone service; prices and service quality are not regulated at all, while spectrum allocation is handled by Industry Canada.

There are more than 1250 male & female Americans who have registered on the Chatkk community.

You may visit their profiles and make USA friends online.

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The largest operator of MVNO's is Trac Fone Wireless with over 25 million subscribers.

"After our house fire, when I heard we would be living in a moile home for many months I was so upset.

Read the introduction, view the members map, or jump right into the discussion forum. The only tax that you (or rather, your heirs) would face as a German citizen as opposed to a non-German citizen is inheritance tax if you die within 5 years of moving away from Germany, see §2 Absatz…

This is an older post but one issue to be aware of, the moment your profit (not income) goes over 400€ a month you will be required to payhealth insurance. I would just ask this: are you ever coming back to Germany to live ?

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