Amplifier dating

Amplifiers from this era must be dated within this time span based on their features, or component manufacturers and codes, including speakers, potentiometers and transformers.

Examples: 1479 1965 JTM 45 5200 1966 JTM 45 SL/ 10584 1967 Model #1959 JMP Super Lead SP/ 20099 1967 Model #1968 JMP Super PA SB/ 10257 1967 Model #1992 JMP Super Bass S/ 10637 1968 JMP S/A 2148 A 1969 JMP More Examples The model number takes the form of four-digits preceded or followed by letter codes describing amplifiers characteristics.

Combined with what we saw with dating a tweed Fender Champ by the tube chart and speaker code, Iā€™m feeling pretty good that all of the various dating methods point to early 1959 for my amp.

I wish I could say that I figured all this out on my own.

Correctly identifying a Kustom amp can be very difficult.

They used several different numbering systems for the same amp.

Another method of dating a tweed Fender Champ is by serial number.

On my 1959 tweed Champ amplifier, the serial number is located right in front of the fuse cap.

As you can see from the photo below, the serial number of my amp is C 09556.

Dating a Marshall amplifier can be a daunting task for even the most savvy of suitors ā€” Amp Archives is here to help.

The earliest Marshall amplifiers were made in 1962 and had no model or serial numbers.

QSC uses two types of serial numbers which are formatted in different ways. You may want to know when your QSC product was manufactured in order to: The warranty statement is very clear about what is covered under warranty.

Please read the warranty statement at: The first four digits are a manufacturing date code in mmyy format; the last five digits are the sequential identifying number for each individual product (see Figure 1).

(The first digit is an individual factory code, and the fourth through ninth digits are the sequential identifying number for each individual product.) For example, a serial number of GJCxxxxxx would indicate that the product was manufactured at factory ā€œGā€ in 10/12, or October 2012. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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