An error occurred while validating the server dns


Still, administrators often have questions: The Microsoft article " Running Adprep.exe" explains all that and more: the utility's general purpose, the process for running the necessary commands, and how to validate the utility's success.

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BTW: The other computer on the home network is visible, though in a different workgroup.A 554 email error is sometimes thought of as a catch-all of email errors.It is generally used when there is a generic delivery failure that another email error code doesn't directly define a problem for.Before initiating the steps in this article, please verify if there is a local PC issue by validating Firewalls, Anti Virus, Ad Blocker, Popup Blocker, Malware Protection and End Point Protection software.Check the domain name resolution with the current configuration by using the nslookup command: Open a console (Command Prompt on PC or Terminal on Mac) on the same network of the My Cloud device and verify the name resolution of the following domains: EXAMPLE SUCCESSFUL COMMAND OUTPUT: EXAMPLE OF UNKNOWN HOSTNAME: If any of the command outputs fail to resolve, the DNS servers used by the ISP, Router, My Cloud, or PC must be addressed.I get this message, when under Control Panel | System, under "Computer Name Domain and Workgroup Settings", I click on Change Settings, then Change, then type in a new name.

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