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There’s so much at stake—one fall, one slip, one triple axel downgraded to a double, and suddenly the gold-medal favorite is in tears on the scoring platform, years of training and months of hype swirling together in a mix of disappointment and disbelief.

It’s not an easy sport to watch—the falls look painful, each jump is a risk, and the heartbreak factor usually rates a 6.0, or whatever its equivalent is in the complicated ISU scoring system that I still don’t understand.

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김연아, 우아한 갈라쇼" width="540" height="407" class="size-full wp-image-38640" srcset=" sizes="(max-width: 540px) 100vw, 540px"/ Figure skating is my favorite Olympic event, but being a fan of it is sort of like scheduling a panic attack every four years.

Adelina Sotnikova, 17, who was none too pleased about being passed over to compete in the team event, had the competition of her life, becoming the first Russian lady to win the Olympic figure skating gold medal.

Sotnikova's victory has not sat well with fans of South Korea's Yu-Na Kim, who was seeking a second Olympic gold medal, but for the fans in Russia, Sotnikova is now a national hero.

``People know my name because I was in the Olympics.``My ace in the hole is that even if I am a little older, I didn't start skating until age 12, so my skating body isn't older than the other men.'' I asked Weir whether he drew confidence from watching Russia's Evgeny Plushenko come back at age 27 and finish second in the 2010 Olympics after a three-year hiatus from competition.``Evgeny is a very different person than me,'' Weir said.``He will fight like a dog for medals, which is also something I admired in Evan.``I was more about performance than points. I would want to come back and make people cheer and cry.Italy's Carolina Kostner (far left), American Charlie White and Russia's Adelina Sotnikova were among those who experienced great joy in Sochi, while Germans Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy (far right), France's Florent Amodio (top) and Canadian Patrick Chan had moments to forget.-Getty Images Mother Russia After striking out in Vancouver, Russia went back to the drawing board with the hope of producing a strong showing in Sochi: The plan worked out better than expected.Kristi Yamaguchi , Kim Yuna and Johnny Weir are some of the top athletes , we have collected a data about richest male and female both Figure Skaters .

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