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Matt Mc Conaughey fans want to know how tall he is, the color of his eyes, who he is dating shirtless pictures.Some fans of Matt Mc Conaughey are asking – is Matt Mc Conaughey straight or gay? The youngest son of a gas station owner, who ran an oil pipe supply business and mother – substitute school teacher, Matthew Mc Conaughey was born in Uvalde, Texas, but grew up in Longview, Texas where he graduated from the local High School (1988).Read our article and learn more about the talented, Texas born actor who is celebrated around the world for his movie roles. Showing little interest in his father’s oil business, which his two brothers later joined, Matthew was longing for a change of scenery, and spent a year in Australia, washing dishes and shoveling chicken manure.

Since 1992, this sexy Hollywood celebrity has watched his star rapidly rise to impressive heights.Like if you were to interrupt someone who says “between you and I”, you’re the dick for being so particular. And some old shots of him with Jake and Lance Armstrong back in 2006.They might not be gay lovers, but Lance Armstrong and Matthew Mc Conaughey certainly do have cutely butch names for one another.Remember when they used to bro-down all the time on their bikes with Lance Armstrong? Call me to the side and go, ' Hey man, I did it but don't tell anybody.' Then I would have really had a reason to be pissed off at him, going, ' You want me to walk around holding this?' "“Where I am now is I've put myself out of the way and I am happy for this guy, who has now chosen to reenter this new chapter of his life a truly free man. But he's looking it in the eye, and he'll handle it. And he's ready for how hard it's going to be to deal."He's all tin cans and yam," says Lance of the famously crunchy Matt. And he sets the record straight about Jake Gyllenhaal portraying his life story: He's not.

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