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Marilyn Keeler Your show is one we would not miss…. Susan Connelly Dear Zandra, I really enjoyed your show…. It’s so clear you inspire all women to reach beyond the “usual” boring, stifling boundaries, and, more importantly, you make them laugh!You were so delightful, you talked to everyone in the audience, and the time just flew by, I wished it could have gone on longer. we laughed from beginning to end and we were sober too! Thank you and keep it coming, – Kate While dustbusting the pillowcases Shirley discovers irrefutable evidence of the sordid underbelly of her husband Cecil’s secret obsession…is shocked out of menopause!!!

Across Canada, couple households with children made up the highest proportion of households in Nunavut (40.1%), the Northwest Territories (31.7%) and Alberta (29.3%), where the populations are generally younger and have higher fertility rates than the national average.Intelligently crafted hilarity, funny not foul, humour that goes to the edge but pulls back in time before Aunt Edna has a stroke. Often literally you won’t be able to catch your breath. She had so much fun at the Red Hat Ruckus in Kelowna that she can’t wait to party with the Red Hatter’s again! ” – to the folly of fashion magazines – “Just look. I saw “Shirley You Jest” on Friday night and laughed so hard that I cried.– Marc Horton, Edmonton Journal My “girlfriends” and I have been long time supporters of “Shirley” both at the Fringe, and Women’s Night in Comedy at the Citadel each July. Every year it seems there is something new to laugh about. Thank you Zandra for keeping the joy in our hearts, and the smiles on our falling (skin- gravity thing) faces! I was with some friends of mine that sat in the first row and I didn’t want the show to end.Do you like stretch marks, long walks through golf courses during lightning storms, mixing tequila with your Metamucil? aka Queen Luva Lush of the Red Hat Hot Galloping Geriatric Glamour Pussy Party Girls! She puts them out, strokes them, lays on another level or two, and then drives home what’s left. – The Edmonton Sun Estrogen extravaganza has unisex appeal. she’s a truly liberated gal bent on helping members of her gender find the same sort of worldview….that if this show had been rated by just about any woman there, it would have won five stars. ” is the name of this “show within a show,” and we invite you to join Shirley and company for hilarious cabaret entertainment. ” LOOKS AT THE WORLD FROM Shirley’s own inimitable, down-to-earth point of view and offers irreverent commentary on everything from nipple piercing – “What does this mean to the future of breast feeding?Then don’t miss the foremost Guru of Middle Aged Angst, Shirley Best, expounding on the inanities of modern society in this refreshingly outspoken one woman comedy show. First there’s the business of writing one funny line after another. Then you have to deliver all those lines in a way that’s seamless and seeming without effort. Bell manages on all counts here, and provides a show where if you don’t like one joke, another is following right behind. Yes our priestess of polyester sallies forth again in true charismatic comedy style. Don’t miss Shirley’s exasperated antics as she tries to break into the big time with a side-splitting assortment of pithy monologues and satirical songs, featuring her glam girl group of “has been” high school cronies, now seizing the opportunity to make a TV comeback as “Shirley Best and the Support Hose.” Think Laugh-In meets Dame Edna. Great nutrition and a teething ring, all in one convenient location? ” – to internal medicine – “I’ve always wanted to see a medical cross-section of myself, you know, just to see exactly how much is fat, and how much is just really large internal organs.” Thank you, thank you, thank you.THE MOUTH, NOVEMBER 25TH, 2013 –– 101.9 KINK raises funds to feed and care for over 37,000 people in Portland with Union Gospel Mission!

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