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The tactic worked: he was elected as the board’s youngest-ever school trustee.

Levin’s ability to inspire people became his trademark.

And millions came to visit them.“It was amazing the amount of entertainment and excitement there,” said Chris Siriano, the owner of the House of David museum in St. “They wanted to have fun; they wanted to invite America into their lives; they loved to entertain and laugh and have a blast.

After Paris Fashion Week, my Instagram feed was full of “Vetemenciaga” mania.

House of David founder Benjamin Purnell is seen standing with his followers outside of the House of David ice cream shop in Benton Harbor in a photo on display at the House of David Museum in St. BENTON HARBOR — Their members weren’t allowed to have sex.

No meat, no alcohol, no tobacco and no personal property, either.

The Levin boys were all smart, but Benjy, as many people called him, was brilliant.

In high school, he was editor of a city-wide student newspaper called At 19, Levin enrolled in honours history at the University of Manitoba, where he also sat on the school senate and managed the basketball team.

They built elaborate mansions to house all their followers.

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