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Beppe (Giuseppe Battiston) was meant to finally present his new girlfriend, but he arrives alone, claiming she’s ill.

Inspired by real life events, the film explores a week in the life of Jane, a young costume designer working as an intern on an exciting theater piece.

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Meera drags Bran through the snow, and is having a hard time. He insists the kids come with them, and the three race away on horseback. The man says the Three-Eyed Raven sent for him, and tells Bran he last saw him as a boy.

Despite dealing with the everyday challenges of being on the autism spectrum she takes action to enlists her sister Bianca to help her find her very first boyfriend.

As Jane goes on some very eye-opening first dates, Bianca realizes that, at the end of the day, we all deserve to be loved.

Sam’s mom and sister greet them warmly, which helps ease Gilly’s nerves. Gilly defends Sam, bragging that he killed a White Walker and saved her life “on the way down” to Castle Black. When questioned about the slip, Gilly admits she is from north of the wall.

High School/Personal: A four-year soccer and track standout at Wethersfield…Recorded 36 career goals and 40 assists…Team reached the playoffs all four years including the state playoffs senior season…Holds two sprint medley school records in track…Was a senior soccer captain and named All-Conference…A three-time track captain and three-time All-Conference selection.Use the Memory Link feature to bring in information from the first set of games to the sequels for added connections.The first obvious new forms are Kyurem's Black and White forms.This is one of those awe-inspiring movies you just can't get enough of!After watching Barefoot for a thousand times, this seems just perfect.He explains that the White Walkers stabbed him in the gut with a sword of ice and left him to die.

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