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Bishop’s run continues this week with Martin Kemp guesting on the sofa on Tuesday, while the next presenter is set to be Davina Mc Call.

Future weeks are set to be hosted by Gordon Ramsay and Mel & Sue.

The 50-year-old spoke out about the late-night programme, which has been repeatedly panned despite a weekly change in host.

During an appearance on this evening's The One Show, he told hosts Matt Baker and Michelle Ackerley: "I think ITV had a go at moving the news and I think that’s a positive thing.“To be honest, it seems daft to me that the biggest terrestrial channels are having the news on at exactly the same time.

On the heels of her three visiting brothers grilling pretty much every warm male body in Ellie’s orbit — from Mc Gee to Torres and Reeves — Bishop returned from a sobering fact-finding mission at Gitmo to ‘fess up to the author of Rule 12, which states: “Don’t Date Coworkers.” “Listen, Gibbs, I don’t want to lie to you anymore,” she started, finding him alone at the office late at night.

“I wanted to tell you earlier, but i didn’t know how to say it, and then more time passed…. “At first we were just good friends, and then a few months ago it turned into something more,” her confession continued.

Along with John, comedian David Walliams and Davina Mc Call have had presenting stints as the guest host.The landlord did try to work out something with him.” Friese said the bishop owes more than 0,000 in rent and fees.Eviction proceedings were initiated against Weeks in early October. Weeks III, the leader of Global Destiny International Ministries, held services elsewhere Friday after his Duluth church was evicted from its campus. Aileen Dodd ( Stephanie Friese, attorney for Grimes-Square Executive, Inc.said, “He hasn’t made any payments at all since July of this year.It’s the same news, giving people another option.“I think if they had done it at half 10 it would have been different. I think from my experience, I enjoyed it.“The week that I did, I enjoyed it and I would stack it up against a lot of entertainment shows.

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