Brahmin dating


the reason is that ' Woman' becomes ' Mother' and ' Mother' is the 'first Teacher'' Woman is the backbone of spirituality of a country' for that reason.

The parents are the ones writing the profiles and picking out the matches.

This has become quite popular in India, especially with Indian parents.

They have sites like or, where you can narrow down all the suitable matches by age, height, body weight, number of brothers/sisters, income, caste, culture, religion, city, vegetarian/non-vegetarian, and most importantly - if you are astrologically compatible.

My hobbies include travel, cooking, dancing, photography, and watching movies. My parents live in Mumbai and are retired with their own income.

My family is traditional with a strong sense of faith, s... I would say about myself that I'm more of a liberal person,...

In a lecture Swami-Vivekananda said"In India the mother is the centre of the family and our highest ideal, She is to us the representative of God, as God is the mother of the Universe.

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