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Without doing any digging, my understanding is that first cousins can really interbreed without too much risk.

Males in general might be more likely to show their beard, females in general might be more likely to wave their arms in greeting.The only sure way is to look at what are called hemipenal bulges.While I wouldn't say that determining the sex by looking at the hemipenal bulges is 100% accurate, they are the most accurate method of sexing your dragon (Right after finding it laying eggs).Some migratory birds moult in their breeding areas after nesting is over, others moult at a staging area on migration, while others moult in winter quarters.Yet others show a split moult, replacing part of their plumage in one place and part in another, moult usually being arrested during the intervening migration.With their treelike height, thin legs and awkward locomotion, giraffes are the epitome of the word "gangly." But do their sexual behaviors involve smoother actions than one would assume from their appearance?

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