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A writer/director who was pronounced clinically dead twice in his life and experienced an unusual phenomenon when he was “dead,” has written a semi-autobiographical film about his experience with Brendan Fraser playing a key role and Marcia Cross playing a character called ‘The Boss’ which is really God., written/directed by Dalibor Stach, follows a boy who drowns when he is six years-old and has a near-death experience and then it happens again when he is 18 years old.He went on to appear in several comedy films, such as Blast from the Past (1999), Bedazzled (2000) and Monkeybone (2001).He also starred in two films based on Jay Ward creations, George of the Jungle and Dudley Do-Right, but did not reprise his role in the former's sequel. Fraser filed legal docs in Connecticut earlier this year, asking the court to lower his ,000-a-month alimony payment because he couldn't afford it anymore.claiming Brendan's raking in tons of cheese from several recent films like "Extraordinary Measure" and "Furry Vengeance" (instant classics).He is best known for playing Rick O'Connell in The Mummy trilogy (1999, 2001, 2008), and for his comedy and fantasy leading roles in films, such as Encino Man (1992), George of the Jungle (1997), Bedazzled (2000) and Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008).He also starred in numerous dramatic roles, such as Gods and Monsters (1998), The Quiet American (2002) and Crash (2004).

Unfortunately, too few are under the care of physicians who have specialty training in the field of hair loss and hair restoration—which would enable them to more effectively hang on to their own living and growing hair, and help restore it undetectably with modern methods of transplantation, if need be.

As aforementioned Stach (you guessed it — the Czech writer/director) was twice declared clinically dead; during one of those experiences, he was told he had to live to make a film about this.

“I was told by someone who also died twice that I was supposed to share the story, and if I didn’t tell the story, it was going to kill me,” said the director through a translator.

Because of the reincarnation theme, Fraser plays multiple characters in the past as he finds himself in World War II through the present and future.

The project is being produced by Milan Friedrich via Crypto One Bill and Phillip Goldfine via Hollywood Media Bridge (Oscar winner ).

Brendan Fraser has long been a sex symbol and his lush, full head of hair has been the focus of many of his roles, from Encino Man to the Mummy series.

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