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Midway also acquired the rights to video games that were originally developed by Williams Electronics and Atari Games, such as Defender, Joust, Robotron 2084, Gauntlet, and the Rush series.

The company's predecessor Midway Manufacturing was founded in 1958, as an amusement game manufacturer.

After 2000, Midway continued to develop and publish video games for home and handheld video game machines, but it experienced large annual net losses and engaged in a series of stock and debt offerings and other financings and borrowings.

Sumner Redstone, the head of Viacom/CBS Corporation, increased his stake in Midway from about 15%, in 1998, to about 87% by the end of 2007.

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(formerly Midway Manufacturing and simply as Midway) was an American video game company dedicated to the developing and publishing of video games.

Midway's franchises included Mortal Kombat, Rampage, Spy Hunter, NBA Jam, Cruis'n, and NFL Blitz.

David was formerly the Executive Managing Director of Goldin Associates, a leading US restructuring advisory firm. He was promoted to chief operating officer in 2007. Molinaro was a member of the Bear Stearns’ Management and Compensation Committee from 1998 through 2008. from the Syracuse University College of Law where he is a member of the Board of Advisors and its Executive Committee. The Trust maintains a website at where Unitholders may obtain information concerning the Trust. The Trust continues to pursue strategies to maximize the recoveries of the Mortgage Asset portfolio for the benefit of the Unitholders.

Co-managed New York office of investment bank specializing in financial restructuring advisory services.

The Liquidating Trust, through its agents, shall wind down the affairs of and dissolve the Debtors and their subsidiaries including the Non-Debtor subsidiaries.

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