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Himalayan Pink Salt comes from the ancient Himalayan oceans that were present at a time when environmental pollution didn’t exist. Himalayan pink salt originated in the primal seas that were present in the Himalayas millions of years ago.This was during a time when environmental pollution simply didn’t exist, guaranteeing that the salt produced today is completely pure.There are baked, steam-cooked and sautéed veggies all over the table.Suddenly, someone grabs the salt and yells out, “Why is your salt pink?Some of the pricier options even claim that the salt was mined as far back in time as the Jurassic period.

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We offer full service branding, design, labeling and production to create private label brands that offer high quality sea salt & spice products that are beautifully packaged.

After mining, the salt crystals are hand selected, hand-crushed and then finely ground.

Lastly the salt is hand-washed before being left to dry naturally in the sun.

As in all things at the Sea Salt Superstore, we guarantee satisfaction.

View In response to growing demand for our product, we are evaluating additional sales and distribution opportunities across grocery, specialty gourmet, and food services.

Home chefs are discovering bold new ways to prepare and present familiar and exotic foods.

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