Cause online dating


Cue Dean Martin’s “Everybody Loves Somebody.”Gone are the days when a couple runs toward each other and kisses passionately in public (all while the crowd cheers, of course).

It would be more fathomable nowadays if a couple were to walk into each other with their heads buried in their cell phone because they were updating their online dating profile.

Research into people’s motivations is beginning to uncover some answers.Depending on the website and the algorithm that it uses, an online site matches up people with common interests.Then, with no assurance of who is on the other screen, users may chat and even potentially set up meetings, going only by some computer-transmitted words and a few uploaded pictures.It is quite understandable that due to the hectic lifestyle an average college student lives, online dating seemingly provides a way to stay in contact with society.However, while technology has advanced, the average person has become more introverted.Image Source: Pixabay Online dating gives you the ability to only commit to the level you’re comfortable with.

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