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If it's a trip, one of you researches hotels, flights or driving routes and costs; the other investigates restaurants, attractions and events.Spend an evening putting your information together, and book it. Reflect and note how you've grown and grown together.Your first wedding anniversary is worth celebrating because it means you got through one of the most difficult years of marriage.It's also a chance to look back at your wedding day and assess how far you've come as a couple -- and where you're going.Even a night in together reminiscing about the things you've done can be a special way to celebrate. Find a movie theater that has a dining-in experience.A variety of chains now offer luxury reclining seats, waitstaff and up to gourmet level meals right at your side. Dinner at an unusual place like a restaurant on top of a mountain or high-rise building with a view is a grand way to mark an occasion. Talk about something you both enjoy doing, and divide the things that need to be done.Later, when returning to the ground, you can throw a picnic with wine and fruits. Return to the places you visited on your first date, dress just as you were dressed that day if possible, order the same dishes, and walk along the same streets.Just don’t drink before getting on the plane, as dizziness can spoil the whole romantic mood. Let the magic of those first days return to your life, and the memories of how your love story began remain in your hearts. Turn your home into a world of love and surprises by leaving secret messages throughout the house the day before your 3-year dating anniversary.

To get charged with positive emotions for the whole day, start celebrating your anniversary from the very morning.

Make a romantic breakfast for each other and enjoy it in bed along with your favorite music. Just relax, and your positive mood will turn the whole day itself into one big dating anniversary gift.

Order a hot air balloon ride or a flight in a small plane and make an exciting trip to the skies.

There are numerous ways to celebrate and commemorate your first wedding anniversary.

Here are 10 suggestions: Many couples forgo anniversary gifts.

Today is our 5 year dating anniversary and a month ago DH asked if we were going to celebrate it. So I am baking him his favorite red velvet cupcakes (I rarely ever bake anything and if I do its usually healthy muffins) which will be a treat and making a dish I never make. If you celebrate or dont celebrate a non-wedding anniversary, why?

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