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It provides guidance for all walks of life but only the wise and knowledgeable people shall benefit out of it!The console was replaced with two SPL Mixdreams, new patchbays, and a Coleman Audio M3PH MKII monitor system.

Astrology, Ramal, Jafr, Numerology and all of the similar subjects are the study of these Universal Laws.

A Coleman MB-2 analog meter was added to work with the Mytek DDD-603 Digital Meter for comprehensive metering.

My older analog gear was cleaned up and calibrated.

A new pair of dynaudio BM15a's and the new dynaudio BM14S subwoofer were installed and have been accurately setup after a lot of feedback and many weeks of listening.

The control room is opened up and more comfortable and spacious and has a modern hi-tech look.

CEO Milner has dismissed his influence, but Usmanov's stake in the investment firm amounted to 32 percent last year, according to Usmanov's own newspaper, making him, by simple math, a big fish among DST's five known investors.

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