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In landscapes around the world WWF scientists and field staff are using cameras equipped with infrared triggers, called camera traps, to obtain critical data about wildlife and their habitats.Now you can access the same pictures used by our scientists to study wildlife and their habitats and make important decisions about conservation.The wild African landscape has been a favorite international hunting destination since the early 20th century.US President Teddy Roosevelt famously embarked on an African hunting safari in 1909 and killed or captured over 10,000 animals.

The name is derived from the manner in which it "captures" wildlife - on film!Plus - if you're not a member yet, we're offering a free membership special with promo code GOFARTHER.In addition to having features like a rearview camera, Bluetooth, and heated seats – the new Mercedes-Benz car2gos are equipped with the latest car2go technology, so you can begin and end your rentals seamlessly within the car2go app – giving you a rental experience like never before.Camera traps are not the intricate and elaborate devices you might imagine; these innovative conservation tools are in fact nothing more than everyday cameras, armed with infrared sensors that take a picture whenever they sense movement in the forest.While the device itself is not complicated, getting the film developed is.Although many African countries have created national parks or wildlife conservation areas, African animals continue to be targeted by poachers.

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