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Recently a couple married for many years went to see a doctor for infertility.Both were in good health, but to the doctor's surprise, the couple had never made love.The tests include observing the physical and emotional changes of your body, birthdate calculation methods, superstitious methods, ancient wisdom methods, and much more.Sometimes, gender selection may be considered for family planning.Chinese students in Vancouver and Richmond are being targeted in an international “sex-for-credit” scam run on the Chinese social networking app We Chat.We Chat is a texting service which Chinese international students in Vancouver use not only to chat, but to locate other users in public areas and trade food, cosmetics and toys.It includes content relating to all aspects of life—social, mass media, economic, and political etc.

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What they don’t know is the person they are texting with is a scammer, and likely a man. I” — a student interviewed by Ming Pao News who did not want his name revealed — he was told two hours of sex would cost 0 and he could enjoy services all night for 0.

This is one of the extreme cases, but it shows some people really have no knowledge about sex.

Some young unmarried women had no idea about sex before they became pregnant and had to undergo abortions, which could have been avoided if they knew better.

This tradition causes the lack of education about sex issues.

Whenever sex is mentioned, Chinese people usually consider it as being in bad taste.

(Lower case letters spell words which are changed into Chinese characters).

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