Citect not updating tags Joker s playhouse chatline


When the Active X control was in focus it would not pass the keyboard messages to the containing graphics window; in such cases the graphics page was bypassing the keyboard command matching process, thus the keyboard commands on the graphics page were being disabled.

Keyboard handling has been enhanced for graphics pages that contain Active X control(s).

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If the selected project contains previous versions, they will still be visible from the drop down but they will not be selectable.

Please check with your Citect SCADA administrator before doing this if this is a live system as it could cause a critical outage! *Ensure that you have at least one Citect SCADA API (or connection) licence available.

Note that this is not a tag licence, it is called a connection licence.

Thousands of organizations globally use i FIX for its robust engine, rich set of connectivity options, open architecture, and scalability.

Connects to a standard telephone line, reports current conditions and collected weather data by voice recording.

Uses Davis sensors for wind, rain, & temp/hum data.

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