Consolidating itunes library to external hard drive


However, libraries that big can take up more space on a hard drive than you may have available--there's one relatively simple solution to your problem.Here's how to keep your huge i Tunes library (and even expand it) while still leaving enough room for important programs and files on your main hard drive.Storage space is one of the biggest problems for laptop users.You can run out of those bytes in no time at all, especially if you fill your laptop with multimedia files like music and movies – the types of files that you keep and manage using a multimedia manager like i Tunes.Get Organized Consolidate i Tunes Library Community Q&A When you consolidate an i Tunes library, you’re essentially telling a software program to group copies of all music on your computer into one i Tunes music library folder.This means that i Tunes will be accessing each song directly, wherever it may be on your computer.

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The beauty of having a shared, wireless music library is that it can be much bigger than one you would store on your Mac, and more advanced users can control who accesses it by tweaking the shared drive settings.

This can be a regular USB drive, for which you're best off using an Apple Air Port Extreme router, or a NAS (network attached storage) drive.

These have special abilities, like being able to broadcast a music collection to any copies of i Tunes on your network.

See the i Tunes Store Terms of Service for additional information.

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i Tunes uses i Tunes library files and your i Tunes Media folder to organize and store your media.

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