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Im with Dating Direct for one month and will NOT be renewing my membership.The facility to chat to and email other members is proving impossible to use due to the slow speed and erratic cursor.

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Established in 1998 as a place for singles serious about finding a partner, they do away with gimmicks such as nicknames and un-moderated chat rooms.There is also a free smartphone app that allows you to check your messages anywhere. In 2004, was recognised as the largest dating website in the world by Guinness World Records, having had 42 million people sign up since it’s launch nine years earlier.For more about and to create a profile, visit the website or call the contact number.I am planning to go to my Abbey branch and close my account as they will just not leave me alone.They have already taken over 50 and I can't afford for them to take anymore. Regards Hayley Subscriptions paid by bank card, credit card or Pay Pal are automatically extended at the end of your initial subscription period.To register for an account, use the contact number shown here. As well as operating the UK sites, and, Match also operates the MSN and Yahoo dating services amongst others.

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