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To test his hunch, he placed a vacation rental on Craigslist.

He made sure to check the box saying he did not want commercial solicitations. He created his own test site for vacation rental listings, then used the same tactics he believed Airbnb was using.

Craigslist, the online classified advertisements website, is not only the world’s most popular classifieds website but also one of the most popular websites on the internet.

The site receives billions of page views every month and is in the top one hundred most visited websites in the world – the twelfth most visited website in the United States.

In an initial effort to rid their “erotic services” section of prostitution and pornography ads, Craigslist has now slowly expanded the system to other service categories within the site.

The SMS, in this context, being the “bait” so to speak. The one feature that has made the site a success, the ease at which one can post, has become a hindrance as spammers and law breakers have taken over.In early March Craigslist began what is now turning out to be an incredibly effective anti-spam campaign by using phone verification on posts.The company is only three years old, but is on track to earn million on 0 million in sales, according to estimates.Gooden began looking at Airbnb about a year and a half ago, when he noticed its fast growth.When it was founded it provided the Internet with a much needed platform for advertising, selling and exchanging goods, and its emphasis on functionality over design made it the success story it is today. However, for many of the same reasons Craigslist is popular with the wider public, it is also very popular with scammers and fraudsters (any regular user of Craigslist will attest to this).

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