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that officials opened this investigation after an “off the charts” number of allegations, especially in the West Dallas race, surfaced.“What matters to me is getting the ballots, looking at them, and finding evidence of wrongdoing, and finding out who’s responsible for that,” he said, noting it is not clear who is responsible for the purported voter irregularities but acknowledged something fraudulent occurred.On the next roll call, the convention unanimously accepted Polk, who became the first dark horse, or little-known, presidential candidate. In 1840, the Democratic Party Convention had provided that a majority vote would be sufficient for nominee selection.The delegates selected Senator Silas Wright of New York for Vice President, but Wright, an admirer of Van Buren, declined the nomination, becoming the first person to decline a vice presidential nomination. Northern Democrat Van Burenites arrived at the convention on May 27, 1844, with the expectation that, possessing a majority of the delegates, they would quickly secure the candidacy for their man. Walker of Mississippi, in cooperation with Senator James Buchanan of Pennsylvania, called for the reinstatement of the traditional 18 convention rule requiring a two-thirds vote for nomination (the rule would remain in place until it was revoked by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1936).The 1844 Democratic National Convention was held in Baltimore.

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The delegates likewise could not settle on Cass, whose credentials also included past service as a U. He called for "the immediate reannexation of Texas" and for the "reoccupation" of the disputed Oregon territory.The annexation of Texas was the chief political issue of the day.Van Buren, initially the leading candidate, opposed immediate annexation because it might lead to a sectional crisis over the status of slavery in the West., biological anthropologist and Chief Scientific Advisor to Match."And the coming year is special: it's political, and today's singles have vivid opinions about what they will not tolerate in a leader. The Political Single: 19% of singles identify as Republican, 40% as Democrat, 15% as Independent, 2% as Libertarians and 24% have no registered political affiliations.The letter underscored the Dallas officials’ concerns of “possible voter fraud” in the district.

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