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I think I've done a lot." In fact, Hyatt's even managed to take one of those roles that could have easily gone to a white man. The music icon was 50 when he passed away suddenly.

"One of my first recurring roles was written for a white man and then I came in the room and did my thing," she recalls of the audition. In memory of the King of Pop, here's a look back at the decades he spent revolutionizing music.

28 Mayo 2012 By Jacquelyn Kanapp vía #FB @willylevy29 and Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars arriving for Good Morning America… News that one of the professionals has ‘said something about it.’ “‘The pro complained that it isn’t fair,’ the source reveals.”“The ‘Dancing with the Stars’ season 24 premiere is just one week away, and there is movement in our latest predictions, but not at the top: four-time Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast Simone Biles remains the woman to beat with 2/3 odds of winning the Mirror Ball Trophy.

pic.twitter.com/4TWWs Op Rw M — ❌Maite❌ (@Arana Delgado) March 15, 2017 is rigged this year. Four of our top five predicted favorites are women.

seasons past will engage in competitive dating, which ABC assured they will take to “a chilling new level.” Not coincidentally, the new iteration will premiere in February 2018, around the time NBC typically dominates TV flooding its schedule with Winter Olympics competitions. franchise which relies on warm climates conducive to bikinis and clothing-challenged situations.

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"There are actors who get frustrated because they're always typecast as a drug dealer or roles that can be perceived as negative images of society.Although all three did an amazing job, only one could place first! stage once again to compete for the highly-coveted Mirror Ball. The Fifth Harmony singer had a solid night despite twisting her ankle during rehearsal.She and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy pulled out a quickstep and a perfect-scoring freestyle routine that left the judges and the audience in awe.What if Rachel Mc Adams turned down her part in The Notebook? These famous roles could have been played by other familiar faces, but would the films have been totally different?See who passed up or was passed over for some of the most memorable on-screen roles.On the bright side, unlike NBC, ABC will be able to televise competitors’ post-competition hot-tub make-out sessions and canoodling.

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