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Land was sometimes awarded for military service or as partial compensation for property lost or destroyed in war.

He rolls his eyes when I get edgy that taxi drivers still take me the tourist route in London (I've lived here for 10 years), but he's really great.

The Family History Library has few records of the regular Canadian military establishment, which began in 1870 when British troops were withdrawn.

Before that, French or British forces provided national defense.

When she signed up at 18, she was young and idealistic, and couldn’t wait to get her hands on the engine of a fighter plane. He grabbed her by the throat so hard it left fingerprints on her neck. Next thing she knew, he was trying to yank her clothes off. She woke up in the middle of the night on the back seat of a pickup truck. Another time, she was putting bottles away in the back of the same bar and she felt a hand cover her mouth. The voice of the man trying to sodomize her was strangely familiar. Her private hell took a new shape in the 2000s, at CFB Bagotville, when some of her superiors started making explicit sexual advances.

For the next 25 years, she wore the blue uniform of the Royal Canadian Air Force proudly, like it was a second skin, convinced she was serving a greater cause. She will never forget him whispering in her ear: “If you talk to anyone about this, you’re dead.” She only remembers flashes from the second assault, which happened the next year at a party on the Trenton base in Ontario. When she refused, they just tried to make her life harder.

Ms Smith said: 'She began talking to him over the video service Yahoo Messenger but he informed her he couldn't send live video of himself due to security risks in Afghanistan - something she accepted.

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