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It was usually made of an , which was a thin paper photograph mounted on a thicker paper card.

The carte de visite (abbreviated Cd V or CDV, and also spelled carte-de-visite or erroneously referred to as carte de ville) was a type of small photograph which was patented in Paris, France by photographer in 1854, although first used by .

The immense popularity of these card photographs led to the publication and collection of photographs of prominent persons. This appears to have been the The carte de visite photograph proved to be a very popular item during the .

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I suspect that it is not the person whom I have identified it as, but rather his son.

These mounted photographs come in various sizes and shapes.

The backing is usually a sheet of cardboard, but 1800s photographic prints can be found mounted in books, on scorecards and other items.

On the reverse the names of John Mc Queen Johnston and Susannah Way are written.

At first I thought that this was an image of John Mc Queen Johnston, 1843-1917, but then I compared it to a known image of his son, John Mc Queen Johnston, 1872-1927, and it is a dead-ringer of the son.

Each photograph was the size of a , and such photograph cards were traded among friends and visitors.

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