Dating count down flash toy

All code specific to this particular implementation can be found in com/anselmbradford/This entry was posted on Monday, August 3rd, 2009 at am and is filed under AS3, Tips.Pages: 1 | 2 Here you will learn to create a countdown timer which counts down from the current date and time to a specific date and time in the future.This example will use days, hours, minutes, seconds and even milliseconds retrieved from Flash's Date object to calculate that countdown.

s about the right time for our beautiful blondie princess to start dating again. Rapunzel, Ariel and Cinderella are getting dressed for school.

Whether it's whining, complaining about ex's, or just an overall negative attitude, we don't really know many people who would be able to deal with this issue. Talking negatively about oneself ("Oh, I don't know why you'd be interested in me," "I'm a loser," "Life sucks"). Dating should be a time to get to know each other -- not to necessarily share your life story, verse by verse. In a non-restaurant setting, women's pet peeves had to do with men who didn't open the door for them.

Daters quickly lose interest in someone who does nothing but talk about themselves -- and don't even notice how annoyed the person is at the other side of the table. It's not surprising that a major pet peeve is those who either check their messages during a date or even chat/text. Please share so maybe we can all learn to be a little more thoughtful and less annoying to one another!

Other desired graphics you would also want to include.

Before you start exporting from here, however, you should consider naming your slices.

In Flash is where the Actionscript is added to make the timer to use those graphics in displaying the countdown for your date. All you really need is 10 numbers of 0 through 9 and any kind of character you want to use to separate them in the final countdown (if any).

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