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All claimants are required to indicate whether they worked in any other Caricom country during their working lifetime.Where this is the case, all other Social Security/NIS cards should also be submitted, since it may be necessary to totalize all contributions paid in the different territories as provided by the Caricom Reciprocal Agreement on Social Security.The new era of freedom and independence brought increased challenges, and economic and political struggles.By the mid-1980s though, Dominica had settled down as a stable and peaceful country.Through the many battles and ravaged by disease, the Caribs gradually lost control of the island, fleeing back to South America.

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Our goal is to provide leadership by catering to the personal and national development needs of Dominica and providing a superior level of service and programmes using innovative and current strategies and technologies.

A westward moving tropical wave will continue to produce cloudiness, shower and thunderstorm activity across parts of the island chain during to...

Long Term Benefits are generally payable for a longer duration of time than Short-term Benefits which are payable for a maximum period of 26 weeks.

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The Goals of the Dominica State College are to: Institutional Structure Administration: The President is the chief academic and Administrative officer of the College.

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