Dating farmer wants a wife


"Derek can only fancy one of us," said Sarah about half way through Farmer Wants a Wife, a dating show with muddy wellies.

Sarah was one of the two finalists who'd been invited to get to know Derek a little better by spending a week on the farm with him – and Sarah was absolutely wrong.

However, Xavier Beulin, head of the FNSEA, France's biggest farming union, said times had changed and that farmers were "increasingly in the image of French society … Guillaume has made it clear he is not keen on camp men "with more handbags than his mother".

Potential partners must live on the farms of their suitors for five days taking on the challenges of modern farm life and finding out if love can blossom in the barnyards and pigsties of rural Britain.

Liberal candidate for Bendigo Megan Purcell has won the seat's preselection ballot, but also the affections of farmer Julz on reality television series The Farmer Wants a Wife.

The pair bonded over a mutual love of recreational shooting."What more fun is there, for me anyway, to get out with my mates on the weekend and have a bit of a shoot? Julz also selected Victorian accounts manager Amanda, 33, Queensland exercise physiologist Melanie, 27, and South Australian beautician Alex, 29 to compete against Ms Purcell.

Recent polls have suggested the Liberals could win the marginal, Labor-held Bendigo for the first time since the 1990s.

Ms Purcell, 31, is one of four contestants competing to become 36-year-old livestock farmer Julz's potential wife on the Nine Network's dating show.

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