Dating places in mumbai

Source: Planet Cruise This theme restaurant literally has 'trees' in the seating area, giving you the most authentic feel of eating in a Rainforest.

It could be an interesting option to go out for a date in a place like this, since theme-restaurants are still such a rarity in India.

I strongly believe that exploring new places with your partner is the most romantic and thrilling exercise in a relationship.

Traveling and roaming around, enjoying those little numerable things like watching a sunset together, feeling the ripples of waves touching your feet, sharing ice-cream from a single cone after a tiring day, a long evening walk along the seashore, a plate of bhel puri or chaat or a music concert can add alot of memories and bonding in a relationship.

Looking for a getaway from the humdrum of city life with your partner?

Madh Island Beach will leave you spellbound with its beauty and calmness.

People are always discovering new ways to go on a date.

Be it a first date or the 100th, discovering new things to do in your city together is always adventurous.

Fly over Mumbai with your date and witness the beauty that is the city! Which of these activities are you going to indulge in ?Malls, movies, coffee shops and fancy restaurants, are you tired of all these?Does the idea of going on another date to one of these places bore you to death?Malls have always been the answer for 'dates' in Mumbai.You either go for a movie, meet up at a coffee shop - or if you're cheap like the author meet over Bhagat Tarachand's budget Thalis.Well, I guess your prayers have finally been answered.

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