Dating shyness

Before you do approach a guy or go out with him, try some relaxing techniques to calm yourself down.Meditate, listen to your favorite feel-good song or eat some chocolate. Just don't sit around and obsess over what you're going to say or what's going to happen... Source: Shutter Stock Whether you're talking to your crush or a guy in class or on a date, have a set of neutral topics for you two to talk about.When I’m around people I’m not comfortable with, I’m probably not going to say much. In high school, I was the worst flirt ever and I went out of my way to avoid my crushes in the hallway (but I would totally talk to them on AIM IM. I know that a lot of you suffer from feeling super shy around your crush, or around guys in general, and I can totally relate to that. But there are some ways you can overcome that shyness. Source: Shutter Stock I don't care how quiet and shy you are, you're still awesome. Confidence is a huge part of dating and getting a guy's attention, so talk yourself up. Being shy can be really negative on your social and dating life, and I want you guys to have some awesome experiences that aren’t painfully awkward for you. Whatever the reason is, being shy usually comes from some sense of self-consciousness.It also favored extroverted guys, leaving many shy people alone on Friday nights.Thankfully, technology has softened that dreaded first step. Hundreds of dating sites have popped up in recent years, but they’re not all created equal. Getting over being shy can be tough and sometimes it can take a while. There’s nothing wrong with being quiet and reserved, but you’re awesome – your voice deserves to be heard! Is it because you're not sure how to hold up a conversation?

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While I’ve definitely gotten better at being more outgoing over the past few years, I still have plenty of times where I feel totally uncomfortable in a crowded room. One area in which I’ve definitely overcome shyness is dating. But since then, I’ve learned how to make myself feel comfortable and confident around the guy I like. So I’m here to give you a few tips on how to overcome shyness around guys. Once you can figure out exactly what's making you feel so shy, you can start to figure out how to get over it.

It is common to get some form of "approach anxiety" and struggle to break the ice.

It is also natural to wonder whether someone you are attracted to (or dating) likes you in return.

But, these feelings don't have to hold you back too. The unique feature of successful daters is not the absence of "dating anxiety", but rather the ability to control it.

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