Dating site for cyclists

Though Fitness Singles bills itself as a dating service, it's not only a place for romance.Others join the community of sports and fitness enthusiasts to find new friends to exercise with or workout partners who share their interests.

Was married 23 years so I do like commitment not after one nighters. I'm very honest..awesome sense of humour..speak my mind..

The first thing to check is the country/ies they include and where the majority of their subscribers live, since the largest English-speaking market is the USA and you will probably want to restrict yourself to the UK.

Forty-three percent of the British population owns or has access to a bicycle. Not as in charming (thought they might be), but as in no hair. Most people think this is to improve aerodynamics, but the real reason is that it makes their post-cycle massages more pleasurable 3. The National Cycling Charity says that cyclists live an average two years longer than non-cyclists. In fact, their chosen activity boosts their levels of well-being, self-confidence and tolerance to stress – all of which make them good company. Cyclists are full of anecdotes to fill potentially awkward silences. Order what you like on a dinner date – it’ll still be less than a cyclist eats.

Expect to be whisked away on a bicycle made for two.

This skill-set can be transferred to maintaining toilets, cars and morale.

As fitness becomes more important to a growing number of people, the need for a niche dating site catering to fitness fanatics is increasingly great.

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