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2013) or the two [translation] "main ethnic groups" in the country (L'aménagement linguistique ). La pauvreté et les disparités chez les enfants à Djibouti.

According to the ARDHD representative, among the Afar, forced marriage is regulated by the custom called absouma, according to which the parents organize the marriage of their daughter with the aim of [translation] "strengthening ties between villages, families or tribes" (18 Feb. The website of the Tadjourah Women's Association (Association des femmes de Tadjourah, AFT), an NGO dedicated to fighting poverty among women, particularly by promoting arts and crafts (AFT n.d.b), explains that, according to the traditions of Afar social solidarity, the absouma [translation] "guarantees that any person, regardless of their social condition or handicap, can marry" (AFT n.d.a). Often, girls are forced to accept an arranged marriage if they want to maintain their ties to their family. Par Ilmi Awaleh Elabeh, Souraya Hassan Houssein, Olivier Belbéoch and Georges Gonzales.

According to the ARDHD representative, [translation] in an Afar family, if the girl refuses the husband that the family has proposed to her or imposed on her, she is immediately rejected by her family, because she has shamed her family. Only those with means can try to emigrate to Europe or North America in order to escape their family's rage.

In general, the ties to their families are permanently severed (ARDHD 18 Feb. Additional information on the treatment of Afar girls or women who attempt to escape a forced marriage could not be found among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate. [ A rich man can easily ask for the hand of a less fortunate girl that he covets, even if he is 10, 20 or 30 years older than she.

This land, traditional crossing point between Egypt, Sudan and Saudi crossroads of nations between Africa and Asia, has likely undergone mixing of populations who have played an important role in the fate of the original peoples of the Djibouti nation.

Poetry traditionally recited in the villages by special readers called gabaye was a way of recording the community's history and customs, as well as current events. The two largest ethnic groups are the Issa Somali (60%) and the Afar (35%).

Both are sub-clans of the larger Dir; the Issas form part of the Madoobe Dir, while the Gadabuursi are part of the Madaluug Dir.France, the former colonial power, maintains its largest military base in Africa there, alongside its own facilities for launching drones.In a more experimental mode, the EU has based its first joint anti-piracy mission, Operation Atalanta, in Djibouti.They were called "Hamites Orientals" to distinguish them from these other Hamites that are Egyptians and Berbers.An important Arab community of Yemeni origin, is also based in Djibouti.This will also set you free from the embarrassment and annoyance of general dating places.

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