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A sports and social club for all seasons organising ski trips, hiking, biking, rafting, canoeing and kayaking for the adventurous, sailing, tennis and other sports plus dinners, movies, wine tastings, happy hours and dances.Recipients of the MFLA shall be presented a plaque in recognition of their accomplishment and shall be granted a lifetime membership to the NBRC.003.03 Master Flier points shall be accumulated based upon the total number of kits flown in a respective competition.In the event a Finalist/Qualifier from a regional competition decides not to participate in the Finals and defers to the next lower placing competitor, both shall receive Master Flier points based upon their original regional finishing positions.One of the NBRC’s objectives is to continually seek ways to encourage competition while promoting the Birmingham Roller as a performing bird.The Master Flier Award Program was established as a means of recognizing those skilled fliers of Birmingham Rollers, who consistently have their kits performing on a higher level than most, and is based on a points system that gives competitors a means of distinguishing themselves from the roller community in general.By accessing this website, you are representing to us that you meet the above qualifications. I confirm and represent that I am 18 years of age or older (and am not considered to be a minor in my state of residence) and that I am not located in a community or local jurisdiction where nude pictures or explicit adult materials are prohibited by any law.

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