Demetria mckinny dating roger bobb

Congratulations to Roger and Good Luck to Demetria!

, we were introduced to new Housewife Demetria Mc Kinney.

“Losing Todd’s mom, Sharon, just really took us down.

Demetria Mc Kinney is currently dating Eric Phillips.

First Kandi updates fans on what’s been happening in her life.

“The end of my year really sucked to be honest, and I didn’t feel up to blogging.

Every time an episode aired someone in my family was upset about something.

It’s crazy doing this show, because whenever a disagreement happens although you get past it, you end up having tension all over again when it airs on TV.” CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON FOR THE REST!

Though Demetria didn’t seem too surprised when Gocha revealed she had also dated the mega-producer about two years ago, that little blip hasn’t had an impact on the current status of Demetria and Roger Bobb’s relationship.

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