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As a result, Boxxy turned into the most successful way to troll the /b/tards ever devised. My name is boxxy and um it’s been a while since I made a new video. Ummmm ahh such as like, like the one where I’m like mmm and it says, «I saw watchoo did there! And then there was the one where I held up a sign and it said «boxxy plus pocky equals equals LOOOVE,» and that’s true, it’s a very true statement, I love her. cuz uh some of you guys found it, and I’m all like crafty.

It actually makes the gore and violence and sexism and racism fantards squeal, because it hits them where it hurts — in their image of themselves. So I decided that because of recent events that I could make a new videooo. No, I know that you all think that I do drugs, but, I don’t, actually. » And like and and then like you peoples were all like, «YOU IS TROLLIN! And umm and then uhh bup bup buhbuh, OH there was another one that um, that I actually didn’t possst… And uhm and it’s one where I like have a sign and I’m like «ihh» and it says several different things such as like I love mmmchan, and stuff and umm it actually never said that, it said I love moochan, which is one of my old gaia buddies, uhh oh, but the way, I’m not a gaiafag anymore, I moved on to bigger and better things, such as umm, things that I mentioned in another video that got me in trouble in the first place, hah! Trolls, this is my only account and it’s bawskie babee with two e’s and other people, like boxyakamoldybread — she’s a failure Troll!

So we convert it to a narrative, a story, yes like a movie and yes like 9/11, to which the answer is always 100% the same: punishment for guilt. Gwyneth is Patient Zero, she is the cause of the outbreak, and if this was an ordinary movie about ordinary sin her backstory would be enough, it says, "this is a story about individual guilt." Oh, look: her lover was the very first person to die in Chicago.

But it's a "subtle" political piece like the kinds played on TV all day on 9/11/2011, in which the Towers fell not because terrorists flew planes into them but because of America's incessant meddling in the Middle East; the same meddling which, educated people all know, had nothing to do with the Arab Spring at all.

Amy Winehouse – Frank In an era when most teenage female singers fall into the “pouting sex bomb” category, 19-year-old Winehouse is as far removed from the stereotypes as you could imagine.

Raised on a diet of Sarah Vaughan and Dinah Washington, Winehouse has the gritty, soulful voice and feisty lyrics of an undiscovered veteran.

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"But the movie doesn't depict them doing anything you wouldn't predict (die; panic; kill each other; attempt to profit; mourn; protect their own at all costs) or in a new way. This is the opening scene: Gwyneth is not driving, but is still holding a phone, unnaturally, with her left hand. " Quite gruesomely, I might add, but don't worry, you'll feel nothing.

I was surprised to see that, for all its posturing, /b/ really does hold one thing sacred: it’s 'bad muthafucka' image of itself. » And, and uh Brandon, I guess, I don’t even know who you are, exactly. A year later, when the videos started to go viral, I decided to re-upload them to a new account, «boxxybabee» (two Es), along with a third video. / Jailbait / Jesus lol / Jesus saves / Katawa Shoujo / Keyboard Cat / LOL WUT / LOLI HAET PIZZA / MAH BOI / Meanwhile in X / Mindfuck / Mudkip / Multi-Track Drifting / NEEDS MOAR LESBIAN COSPLAYERS / Octocat / Oh, exploitable!

/b/ really believes that it’s frightening, that it’s tougher than a Ford Chevy, that it’s badass masculinity personified, in a sense. It’s like AMAZING, it’s like BEATLES and like um, and so then um I uh I just wanted to say to that kid who wanted to watch Across the Universe with me uh that I love you, and I want to hold your hand. The videos in question are: (1) FOAR EVERYWUN FRUM BOXXY (id: Yavx9yx Trsw) (2) FOAR ANT FUM BOXXY (id: 80hx2Ff Wjow) (3) FOAR 4DD1 FRUM BOXXY (id: Vcydq Sp YN00) All three were very popular, with the first one gaining over six million views, and my account being one of the most subscribed channels of all time. [a / b / c / d / e / f / g / gif / h / hr / k / m / o / p / r / s / t / u / v / w / wg] [i / ic] [cm / y] [3 / adv / an / cgl / ck / co / fa / fit / int / jp / lit / mu / n / po / sci / soc / sp / tg / toy / trv / tv / vp / x] [rs] / w / wg / i / ic cm / y / an / cgl / ck / co / mu / n / po / tg / tv / x rs status[4chan City / 4chan level otaku / A cat is fine too / A Challenger Appears / Advice Dog / An Hero / At first I was like X, but then I was like Y / Awesome / Basement Cat / Bayeux Tapestry / Bitches and whores / Brb, church / Brian Peppers / BRILLIANT / Candlejack / Ceiling Cat / Cereal Guy / Cheer Up Keanu Day / Cockmongler / Dat ass / DESU / Do a Barrel Roll / DO IT FAGGOT / Doge / Doing it wrong / Epic Fail Guy / EMPEROR OF CATKIND / ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER DO YOU SPEAK IT / Evil Ambassador / Excited Fists Guy / Facepalm / Ffruustration / Fgsfds / Finger Box / FUCK YEAH SEAKING / Fukken saved / GAR / Gentlemen / Giant Enemy Crab / Give Her The Dick / Goofy Time / HA HA HA, OH WOW / Happy Negro / Hide The Pain Harold / Horrifying House Guest / How do I shot web / I accidentally X / I came / I don't think you have an X. / IT'S A LION GET IN THE CAR / It's dangerous to go alone! / OM NOM NOM NOM / Party Hard / Partyvan / Peanut Butter Jelly Time / Pretty cool guy / Put shoe on head / QUALITY / Raptor Jesus / Reaction guy / Robot Unicorn Attack / SAEM PERSUN / Sandwich Chef / Shit bricks / SHOOP DA WHOOP / Shotacat / Slenderman / So cash / Son, I am disappoint / Stick it in her pooper / Suddenly / Suiseiseki / Techno Viking / That Fucking Cat / The Game / The Ha! Guy / TIME PARADOX / Titty Monster / Triforce / Trollface / U MAD / Unlimited Works / Wata Mote / What the fuck am I reading / WHEN I WAS / Where is your X now?

In “The Vic Allen Dinner,” the usual twist seems forced, and the more obvious targets in this episode (such as the veep not being familiar with social media) make it the weakest so far in what has been a stellar second season.

The HBO sitcom moved in a more confident direction last week by subtly forcing Selina to consider the real-life consequences of power plays in Washington.

And, before, there were very few ways to disrupt this image, to give it a good hard kick in the shins. Boxxy love is everything /b/ hates — passive, gentle, adorable, sweet. And then, um, um I was in a thread and uh this guy was like, «boxxy, I would sing Hey Jude to you, like in Across the Universe.» And I was like, «I love that movie! These videos are entirely my own creation, including but not limited to the character «Boxxy», the script, the recording, and the editing. The recording took place in my own home, using my own equipment.

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