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One can say his luck or an ability to settle with top girls in short period of time.After break off with one; motivate other one and with in short period of time starts dating with next name.

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Now, the actor is at it again, and Bell’s new posts seem to signal he is gunning after Nightwing’s role with the Teen Titans.

So far, there is no official word about Bell and his involvement with any DC projects.

Disclaimer: I do not own Drake & Josh, if I did, Drake would walk around shirtless and write songs about me.

As Serena is busy in Wimbledon during last year, after a match she and drake dinner together in a hotel.

2010 - 2010Rumors have linked Nicki Minaj and Drake since they first went on tour together, but the two talk like nothing has happened.

Josh was always there for Drake through all the good times and bad, all the way to today. Drake almost couldn't believe he had the grades but with Josh's help he had passed. If there was any chance at all, he had to say something before it was too late. The only person he normally confided in was Josh, who was out of the question in the situation. He found her moments later in the kitchen preparing dinner.

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