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More recently, I got turned around in the complex West Village (West Village streets are not named after numbers, and the streets curve-totally confusing).

Landmarks provide structure and direction for chronically lost souls like me, and do so in relationships too.

As I imagine people watching this show–maybe people unfamiliar with the Bible–I wonder if they are asking themselves, “What kind of God is this, and do I really want anything to do with him?

”And the hard part to explain is that the biblical episodes that the show more often than not gets right than wrong are those parts that depict the Israelites as tribal zealots whose God kills their enemies.

Landmarks are sometimes hurdles: they can end a relationship if you can't pass them, or make a relationship stronger if you can pass them.Scammers are a very unfortunate element of the online dating world and we work very, very hard to eliminate them from the Christian Dating For Free community.We actually monitor all registrations and all member activity day and night, 365 days a year!Since the Philistine landed in Canaan around 1200 BC, the means the producers hold to the late date of the Exodus (If you need to ask, trust me, you wouldn’t care).* They spent way too much time on Samson, but it became clear why: they are making him into a Christ figure.Samson gave himself up for his people in accordance with God’s will; he is chained to cross of wood; Delilah betrays Samson to the authorities for money and then feels guilty about it; his mother grieves for him at his death.* I think the choice of focusing on Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jacob, and now portraying Samson as a Christ figure–and leaving out Jacob and Joseph–suggests that they are emphasizing OT figures commonly thought to prefigure Christ.* Samson’s first wife was met with disapproval by his mother, but he claimed that his love for the Philistine woman was God’s doing–which looked too much like a Christin commercial to me. )* I have no more idea why they made Samson black than I do why they made Noah Scottish* David looks like Clive Owen Apart from all the many things you could pick on in this TV series, there is a bigger issue that comes to mind.As I wandered through the West Village, clueless with no GPS on my lame phone, I contemplated relationship landmarks: First Date - It's hard to find someone sane, that you're attracted to, and that you're compatible with.

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