Emma watson dating logan lerman


In fact during an interview promoting the film, which shows a more serious side of Logan, Brad showed how much he loved the California native by snuggling up to him and giving him a big hug.

Selena Gomez — The “Good For You” singer has been pretty vocal about her crush on the star in the past.This one moment when you know you're not a sad story. And in this moment, I swear we are infinite." The moment is doubly wonderful as it coincides with Lerman's own crossing over as a performer. Ayer was adamant about us being there for the whole process. So it's a lot like your experience on was paradise. It is in that moment that audience members—at least those who may have missed him as the swashbuckling half-god teen Percy Jackson in that fantasy franchise—went . SHANNON: I heard that project took, like, eight months. We worked on it for about four months before shooting. Was it just doing a lot of running and push-ups, or was there anything more specific? I play the new guy that gets his ass beat in every scene. SHANNON: There are some really great actors in the Ayer film with you—Shia and Michael Peña, and who's the other fellow? SHANNON: Obviously, if you were riding around in the tank, you had to build some pretty strong relationships. SHANNON: But your relationship with acting must have changed as you've grown older. One doesn't really go up to people on set and say, "So, how do you think I should do this? It's really about just finding your own comfort ability and understanding your character and all that, so I just decided to go for it. What really matters is that he had the starring role in , this time sharing the spotlight with Lily Collins.And awww, their characters end up together, because Logan Lerman is a lucky, lucky man. Looking at your IMDB page’s upcoming projects, I see that Emily Blunt is still free from your lucky and magnetic clutches – for now.Chief among them is the great Michael Shannon, whose unnerving performances make him every actor's favorite actor. MICHAEL SHANNON: I can't complain, we had a fun day today. I came out here for the photo shoot for this piece. Has anyone ever asked you to get emotional, like, cry or something, in a shoot? LERMAN: Yeah, I haven't seen a good tank movie in a long time.

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