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Of course if you dont think The Beatles songs represent some of the greatest popular music ever written, you might be at a disadvantage but I loved the skilful way the writers have weaved a story of that time into the songs and I was impressed by the imagination with which Julie Taymor has staged the almost wall-to-wall musical numbers (theres not a great deal of dialogue).

Sure there are some clichs here; giving characters names from Beatles songs Maxwell (seen with a hammer at one point, though not a silver one), Prudence, Jo-Jo and Sadie, might seem precious. : This film was one of the most beautiful films that i have had the pleasure to watch.

The stars successfully evoke early Beatlemania via the energetic charms of Sturgess' "All My Loving" and Wood's "It Won't Be Long," then get straight to the canon's often melancholy heart on his take of "In My Life," and her gentle cover of "Blackbird." Taymor's use of star turns--the entire point of too many Beatles-rooted projects--is as sparing as it is deft.

Eddie Izzard's effusive "Being for the Benefit of Mr.

There he meets Lucy, (EVAN RACHEL WOOD), whose fianc has been killed in Vietnam.

The problem for the two, who play love interests, is that they’re from opposing worlds: that’s two planet Earths, with two different societies and rules. More » feels like the movie that Lana and Andy Wachowski were born (or perhaps reborn) to make.

' Then after Evan and I were in rehearsals together, I knew she was what was needed on the track." When the two got together to work on "Oh Yeah," continues Wood, "something just clicked.

And at some point we said, ' You know, we should maybe make this official, because it's working.' And so we just kept going." What resulted is Rebel and a Basketcase's debut full-length album, which will see release this fall.

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE - MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE DELUXE - 2 DISC VERSION A love story set in the 1960's amid the turbulent years of anti-war protest, mind exploration and rock `n roll. FEATURING SONGS FROM THE GREATEST SONGWRITERS OF ALL TIME, PERFORMED BY THE CAST INCLUDING EVAN RACHEL WOOD, JIM STURGESS, DANA FUCHS, MARTIN LUTHER Mc COY, BONO, JOE COCKER AND EDDIE IZZARD Package art will incorporate stills from pivotal scenes from the movie and a 16-page folder foldout poster with a strawberry image.

Jude (Jim Sturgess) and Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood), along with a small group of friends and musicians, are swept up into the emerging anti-war and counterculture movements with "Dr. Given a track record littered by misfired oddities like the Bee Gees starring in the 1978 movie version of Sgt.

I have to fess up that though I loved this film, I can quite understand that not everybody will.

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