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I hope someone retries the Thread model, which was almost perfect in terms of execution.

A primary reason it failed was because it didn't engage in a multi-thousand dollar a day old-school advertising campaign (broken record here but your hot new site ain't going anywhere unless you are spending big advertising bucks). Its spammy, has millions of fake profiles, breaks all the rules, and rakes in the cash. Re: The Complete Me, pulling data from Facebook is Fun With API's and a cool project.

It is generally safe to click links from trusted pages of companies, bands and groups you like, but avoid clicking links from your friends' walls and chat messages.” Here are popular Facebook scams you should watch out for.

This “color changer v1.3” is actually a survey scam application, and you definitely don’t want to give it access to your Facebook account.

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There’s no doubt that Tinder is the best way to get a date, hookup and find love online.

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Online dating can be difficult for women The AARP also says that seniors are a common target of these scams.

Facebook now has a billion users, with more than half of those people signing on every month.

Unfortunately, crooks and scammers are also part of the social network’s population—they figure at least a certain percentage of users will fall for their shenanigans.

If you authorize the app to access your Facebook account it will send spam messages to all your friends.

Not only that, if you actually click to install the app, it won’t give it to you until you fill out a survey.

In August, a British man was sent to jail after defrauding two women of over £300,000 (5,300) through online dating sites.

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