Fifa 2 launcher is updating please wait


files are located in a path similar to: C:\Users\Usernàmé\Documents\FIFA 13 (with special characters).

If this is the case, please follow the instructions below carefully.

If you like those browsers, and they happen to work for you, go ahead and use them, its just my recommendation for now is Firefox. IF YOU NEED HELP, POST A NEW THREAD SO THE WHOLE COMMUNITY CAN GIVE INPUT, AND IF IT GETS SOLVED, EVERYONE CAN SEE THE SOLUTION.

When you do switch browsers, make sure you install the latest plug-in. this has been a problem with firefox for the last few weeks, the game will join but the tag will say something like failed to join server.

Chrome does not support plug-in launching anymore, and the "Plug-in free launching" option is a bit buggy.

You will have to stick with Firefox for now, as I have seen many with issues in IE and Edge. Multi-Platform Elite Race: PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4I DO NOT ANSWER PMs.

Above that in the search bar type in "%temp%" without the quotation marks and hit Enter.- This will open up your Temp folder.

Delete everything in this folder.- If it tells you that some files are in use and cannot be deleted, just skip these.2) Disable UAC for Windows- Click on your "Start" menu and click on "Control Panel".- In Control Panel click on "User Accounts".- Once in User Accounts you should see a link for "Change User Account Control Settings".

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I hope anyone has a fix for this, this is really annoying If you are using Chrome, this is your issue.

OK so ever since I got this game I haven't been able to play it. deleting Simcity User Data doesn't help, I'm running windowns 7 ultimate 32-bit I contacted someone from EA today via email.

I start it up and it launches Simcity and starts checking for updates automatically around 90% then it finishes and says please restart to apply changes. they replied and said just delete the Simcity User Data but that obviolsy didnt work, hopefully they get back to me tomorrow and ill let you know if they do.

In the case where you PC name (or your Windows username) contains at least one of these characters, it will cause FIFA 13 to crash.

We suggest you to rename your PC name or your Windows user name by following the two solutions provided below:config.

Since the update i have the problem that i can't connect to any server at all.

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