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Ph D Student (lic) at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering. student, Master in Interactive simulation and Game Technology (combined with System Thinking & Modeling).

Interested mainly into Augmented Reality and 3D interaction and 3D user interfaces. Chalmers/IT-University, Gothenburg Experience from development, market research and product management in the VR field with Prosolvia, Ericsson, and Swedish Technical Attaché Office in San Francisco.

From that, possible application fields will be derived and compared to those already existing in industry.

One future important application field, namely the net-based virtual teamwork, will be further elaborated in the group.

I'm mostly into 3D user interfaces and 3D interaction techniques for Virtual Reality as well as Augmented Reality. Recently, I started working a little bit with ARToolkit (inspired by the Augmented Chemistry (AC) system) and wrote a C binding for the library. My practical VR experience is now some years old why I am interested in seeing examples of how things have evolved over the past five years.

Interested in seeing various applications (“uses”) of VR and AR technology, as well as technical development progress e.g. David Hagström Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, Chalmers Computer Graphics: Soft Shadows, Ray Tracing, Global Illumination, Real-time rendering algorithms, Parallelism.

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The SMART Factory targets on novel sensors, service architectures and control methodologies being given to add-ons and upgrades to existing machines and systems, which will help to improve the performance of existing equipment and to extend its useful life.

Plant Cockpit KAP Fo Fdation Sense & React MUSIC RLW Navigator Adventure Conference: Imagine Fo F2020 - Factories of the Future towards Horizon 2020, Geneva 12-14 June 2013.

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