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Most high growth companies--94 percent according to a Marquette study--were founded by teams, whereas only 6 percent were founded by solo entrepreneurs.

But Jessica says that, right after finding money and the big idea, locating the right people is a top barrier to startup success.

Inside, the space has been partitioned with dividers creating several classrooms.

The décor evokes an showroom: low-slung couches, beanbags, clusters of tables, and wooden chairs in progressively smaller sizes, like those belonging to Goldilocks’s three bears. Like the five other Alt Schools that have opened in the past three years—the rest are in the Bay Area—the school is run by teachers, one of whom serves as the head of the school.

On the building’s exterior is a logo: a light-blue square, with rounded corners, bearing the word “alt.” It looks like an i Phone app awaiting the tap of a colossal finger.There is no school secretary: many administrative matters are handled at Alt School’s headquarters, in the district of San Francisco. Every Alt School is a “micro-school.” In Brooklyn Heights, there are thirty-five students, ranging from pre-kindergarten to third grade.Only a few dozen more children will be added as the school matures. Five more schools are scheduled to open by the end of 2017, in San Francisco, Manhattan, and Chicago, and the goal is to expand into other parts of the country, offering a highly tailored education that uses technology to target each student’s “needs and passions.” Tuition is about thirty thousand dollars a year.I hadn't given much thought to the challenge of finding co-founders until Jessica Alter announced the education version of Founder Dating, a partnership with Teach For America.We profiled the effort to match up interested and talented edupreneurs on Getting Smart last week and I called Jessica to learn more about what problem she was trying to solve.In December, I visited a classroom for half a dozen pre-kindergartners. “I wonder if this one glows in the dark.” The girl said, “Do you have another pink one?

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