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This thread was named "Hi, I'm Emily" and was the most visited thread in the Newcomers Section of the forums. The conversations had lasted for weeks, depending on whether people were interested.People were noticing this thread was not like the other Newcomer threads that was supposed to be buried in the Newcomers Section after a few welcomes."Be careful what you say," one headline warned, when you discuss "the Starr report and Clinton/Lewinsky matter" in certain ways. While most cases involving E-mail or Internet-related offenses rarely go to trial, it still costs a company thousands of dollars and time, which could have been avoided with a preventative approach.'") (quoting lawyer Ruth Hill Bro); Sharon Machlis, Employers: State Policies, Monitor Internet Use, Computer World, July 20, 1998, at 20 ("[H]ow much trouble can a company get into if employees look at pornographic or racist Web sites on the job? What body of law, one might ask, would suppress jokes about the President or discussion of the Starr Report? Company policies prohibiting sexual or other harassment are applicable to E-mail and voice mail systems. E-mail communications that contain harassing, discriminatory, obscene, sexual or demeaning content are prohibited."); Judith N. Whenever that happens, the employer faces a potential lawsuit from offended colleagues, who can accuse the company of fostering a hostile work environment . There are other terms that can apply to you These Terms refer to the following additional terms, which also apply to your use of our Site: Every time you wish to use our Site, please check these terms to ensure you understand the terms that apply at that time.

We are registered in England and Wales under company number 5254797 and have our registered office at 39 Church Crescent, Whetstone, London NC20 0JR. By using our site you accept these terms By using our site, you confirm that you accept these terms of use (the “Terms”) and that you agree to comply with them.Where the Platform is being accessed from any website other than you agree to comply with both these Terms and any terms of use relating to the third party website.Where there is a difference between these Terms and those of any other website operating the Platform, these Terms will prevail.During the height of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, many lawyer pundits talked about impeachment. open[s] the organization up to civil liability for harassment"). See Shawn Willett, No Message Left Unread -- Securities Software Acts as E-Mail Censor, Computer Reseller News, July 14, 1997: Several brokerage houses are beta testing software, dubbed Assentor, which analyzes E-mail messages for everything from U. Securities and Exchange Commission violations to political correctness. 5, 1998, at 80 ("[E]mployers increasingly are using e-mail surveillance software to guard against sexual harassment lawsuits and the loss of trade secrets . Some talked about independent counsels and separation of powers. 3, 1997, at 5; see also Cheryl Blackwell Bryson & Michelle Day, Workplace Surveillance Poses Legal, Ethical Issues, Nat'l L. 11, 1999, at B8 (saying that the Morgan Stanley lawsuits "may have been more easily resolved had the company monitored its e-mail system, removed 'offensive' material and disciplined employees for circulating these jokes"). Del Jones, Balancing Ethics and Technology, USA Today, Apr. [Y]our company may be held liable in a harassment suit because one employee was offended by a particular screensaver that another employee downloaded via the Net."); see also Jason Compton, Surfing on the Job; Is Personal Internet Use Really Bad for the Company? Trib., July 4, 1999, at C3 (quoting expert from George Mason University Institute of Computational Sciences and Informatics as saying that "sending inappropriate e-mails . We can suspend or withdraw our site Our Site is made available free of charge.

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