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In a country where menstruation (menses or periods as it is popularly known) is considered ‘dirty’, and in traditional households, the women aren’t allowed to go anywhere ‘near God’, pray or touch anything that is considered remotely holy, we often get this query asking if it is okay to have sex during periods! Well, logically, there are very rare chances of one getting pregnant because of sex during this time.

Even though the unfertilized egg may still be present in the body, the uterus is in ‘disposal’ mode (the lining of the uterus is being shed) preventing fertilization and implantation.

Although the Franciscans of the Roman Catholic Church brought Christianity to the Deccan area in 1535, it is only after 1759 AD, when the Northern Circars came under the rule of the East India Company, that the region opened up to greater Christian influence.

Somewhere pull garage free watch for place where most girls dream.The Church in Andhra Pradesh runs thousands of educational institutions and hospitals contributing significantly to the development of the state.Telugu Christians are found in all walks of life and have contributed much to the development of the state. Summing up: So based on the stories that were shared with."People say that everything is OK, but I was in the convent and I want them to know girls dating fir sex in watton what goes.How do I convince my woman to have sex during her periods?

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